Posted by: chunkaiqun | December 11, 2009

Why a two-part project?

In January, Choon Lin was informed that she would be exhibiting her work, Come Out and Play, at the 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale (FT4),  Japan. The largescale international exhibition consisted of two parts, one which was the main exhibition and the other a seven-week art exchange programme with the local community in Fukuoka.

The art exchange programme gave more freedom for Choon Lin to initiate a project, so she invited me to collaborate in this programme. We are actually also a collaborative duo who have worked in a few projects, with the most significant work, being Sungei Roadsters, which was exhibited at Welcome to the Real World, Singapore Management University.

It was the first time Choon Lin and I were  going to work abroad together and so we had to make immense preparation while in Singapore before we headed to Fukuoka. Then the good news came that National Musuem of Singapore invited us to work together for an exhibition titled, Lost in the City,  the theme was consistent to the project we were working on for FT4, and  the exhibition would open just before we leave for Japan, so it just fell in place as an excellent platform for us to lauch our project.

Lost in the City was also a four-month exhibition, so by the time we were back in Singapore, we could return to it  and  present a full conclusion to the entire project, while all were fresh in our minds.

In essence, the idea of exchange played an important part, and that meant both places got a little something.

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