Posted by: chunkaiqun | December 11, 2009

Art Exchange Programme – 4th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale

For the art exchange programme at FT4, we had two art workshops with about 300 students in total. We decided to create a continuation to the animation shown at the National Museum of Singapore. This part of the animation was titled From Green to Brown to Black to Brown to Green: The Rebirth. Essentially, the students would help us create miniature trees and then attached them to toy figurines that they brought to the workshops. We would then study all the works made by the students and try to develop the animation around them.

We had chosen to use the toy figurine as a symbol for the future generation.  The origin of the toys collected also suggested the cultural background behind the work, in this case, it was Japanese because there were large proportion of well-known characters from animation series such as Ultraman and Dragonball. We felt a national representation in the work was important because the issue concerned was a global one, and that we needed to emphasise on the role played by everyone in helping to resolve the situation.

As mentioned above, each toy figurine carried a tree that was made by students in the Art Exchange Programme workshops. In the art workshops, students were encouraged to use simple and expressive methods to create the trees, as each individual had a unique approach, the students were also creating a representation of themselves in the form of the trees. We also thought that it was important that the students could see the little effort they spent in the workshops could amount to a greater cause.

Very much often, the actions that are taken to save the environment, are often minor adjustments to our daily activites, such as taking the time to sort the trash, and we do not know or are not able to envision how much help they can really be.

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